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Welcome to the Metafy Wiki !


Update: 9/7/2006 - Anthracite version 1.6.2 released, fixes user reported issue with regular expression find/replace parenthetical back expressions, also adds several new sample documents, including showing how to convert RSS feeds into CSV files for use with databases. And don't forget the new samples added in the last rev, too, such as converting contacts in SEC filings into the hCard microformat, integrating external Python scripts and speaking RSS headlines, see the changelog or download now.


We're getting the forums back into shape, and I think it's worth trying to do this as a wiki, a collaborative space that users of the software can edit directly, enriching the quality of the resulting documentaiton and conversation about the software. (PS - I also thought it was worth trying to make a Flickr page.)


If you're just finding this, Metafy Anthracite is a web mining toolkit for MacOS X that enables users to build spidering and scraping systems visually without requiring the use of code or scripts, thus enabling non-programmers to accomplish valuable business information processing tasks using any data available via the Internet. See the wiki page GettingStarted for the first tips on both Anthracite and the wiki.


Google Results To RSS Feed Example


Many customers are using Anthracite to build custom reporting systems for large daily information feeds, for example, to generate a report every morning of the new filings on the SEC Edgar website showing every occurrence of the word "risk." Or generate an RSS feed of the latest filings. Examples of both of these tasks, along with more than 50 additional sample documents, are available on the download distribution disk image.


The "standard" documentation is online at the company website:




including an installation guide, quickstart guide, comprehensive tools description, and example documents with descriptions.


For the new wiki, I'm going to start with some new documentation called AnthraciteIdioms.


You can edit this page, add a comment to this page, or start a new page...read on for more. Please contact me if you don't have a PBWiki account and want to participate.









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